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of activity north of the city and southwest of us as well, particularly on the beaches. local area, some good stuff going on across portions of hartford county, bel air, that's all moving pretty much from northwest to southeast towards the eastern shore. another batch to the northwest of the city around westminster and ham stead and up by pretty boy dam, that's moving off to the southeast. these showers are going to be moving into baltimore county. i think we have a chance in the baltimore region of getting some of this stuff here closer to our area very shortly, in the next hour or two. you could see some heavy downpours and maybe some lightening as well. haven't had any reports of any gusty winds. these are typical afternoon thunderstorms. tomorrow this front will kind of stall out. it looks like we will have a chance of more rain, maybe some drenching thunderstorms tomorrow. a lot cooler temperatures than we've seen. tim is in the out back with the latest temperatures and heat index. >> reporter: definitely it's been warm today. although the temperatures have dropped, the dew point has bee
decisions on bridge closures and keeping the thousands who use the bay bridge safe. >> in this case, this storm we knew what it was so there was just no reason not to be flexible on policy there and say you know, we better close the best of my knowledge before that hits. >> reporter: now that temporary wind gust policy is being evaluated. it's expected to become permanent. the transportation authority says safety is their priority. kai, back to you. >> thank you. triple a is pushing for another safety measure, barriers to separate two way traffic lanes. >>> still ahead. >> black bears roring back in maryland -- roaring back in maryland. that story as witness news continues. >> a $40 million project will be underway. what it is coming up next. >> demanding answers. a mun community outraged after a deadly police involved shooting. >> humidity is back. stick around for the first warning weather forecast. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can g
a threat against the first lady. can show a picture of the gun he would use. he was assigned to a detail that would lead motorcades for the white house. he has since been removed and on administrative duty. >> a dramatic rescue from a burning apartment building in montgomery county. the three-alarm fire started around 7:00 this morning at the woodlake apartments. crews saved 17 people who became trapped inside. the fire caused $1.5 million in damage. and displaced some 75 residents. investigators believe an electrical malfunction caused a fire. >> did some firefighters go too far criticizing their bosses on twitter? the baltimore city fire department wants new guidelines on what they can post on social media. wjz is live downtown. mike hellgren takes us behind the controversy. mike? >> reporter: mary, the department says this is not about silencing its critics. and wjz has learned union leaders will meet with department officials early next week to hash it all out. >> reporter: the latest heated battle in baltimore's fire department is over twitter. and what firetbieters can and can't po
this stall or slow-moving front. it will slow us down considerably, but we have watches in effect until 9:00 tonight. the entire region under thunderstorm watch and the d.c. area in northern virginia pushing into northern county and south eastern howard and that's until 6:00 this evening with that system moving across that region. heavy downpours in those particular areas. bernadette? >> it is pretty incredible now with the thunderstorms coming through, we have cooled down to 90 degrees in baltimore. 75 in hagerstown. what a drop that is, but out ahead of the line it's incrediblely hot and muggy. the dew point makes it feel like 94 in baltimore, 106 in pacific. this is where we topped out today. so far, we've seen 102 degrees on our records here, but we'll have to wait for the official report from the national weather service to see if we broke that. the record was set back in 1887 and heat index at 107 degrees and that's factoring in to some of the thunderstorms coming through. we'll have the full report up shortly. >> thank you, bernadette. because of the stormles, there are extensive d
of high heat, the most vulnerable of us in the community are even more vulnerable, so that includes the elerly folks with underlying health conditions and it's critical for them to be in cool spaces to stay hydrated. >> reporter: hydration is the key for survival for anyone working outdoors. roofers baking in the sun up to 103 degrees, part of the reason why they alternate their schedules. >> start in the morning. drink a lot of water and gatorade. >> reporter: the higher you go, the hotter it is. >> we take turns, go back and forth. he comes down, gets in the shade for a bit and then i go back up and take turns. it helps out a lot. >> reporter: it's the kind of heat having some carrying umbrellas for shade and others whatever they can. >> i get a slurpee until it cools down. that's it. >> reporter: so many people with their air conditioners right now that it actually becomes a drain on the power. b.g.e. have a peak rewards program that could have their air conditioners cycled on and off over the course of the next 24 hours or so as they try to deal with this strain on the power sys
coverage. rochelle ritchie shows us the storm cleanup in the northern part of the state. but we begin with mike hellgren live in north baltimore. mike? >> reporter: vic, bge tells us today that they are focusing on the smaller cluster of storms that have had complex problems. here on lake, though, we have not seen any crews. they're just a tangle of mess of wire and limbs here. more than 7500 lines went down during the storm. >> reporter: day 5 and tens of thousands remain without power. some are angry the trees of severely damage lines weren't trimmed before the storm. >> people are tired of this. our lights go out. because of these big old trees that need to be cut down, trimmed down. this one coming down next. >> reporter: bge is sending out crews in what they call pods, with experts in various skill sets. the utilities still estimates it could be the weekend before everyone's electricity is restored. >> well, we're all here. we haven't left. we've got guys everywhere. >> reporter: and if you doubt it, the power of those straight line winds, look at this root ball, it's more than 2
and collecting clues from ripken's home and car as they try to close this case. >> reporter: and police told us they have been asked many times today whether they believe there is anything fishy about this. whether they believe it is in any way, a hoax. they said they believe it is a real abduction. they are actively looking for this man and offering rewards for information leading to tips tonight. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. wjz will stay on this story with new reaction from vi ripken's friends coming up tonight at 6:00. >>> a baltimore county man is accused of having sex with a child. police say the pair met through a smart phone app. vic has more on this disturbing case. >> reporter: 36-year-old steven photos is charged with sexual fiance against a 13-year-old boy. police say potos contacted the teen through a smart phone app called grinder. police say they engaged in unprotected sexual activity. according to the charging document, potos also infected the boy with hiv. potos will face trial in october. >> the suspect is currently free on $75,000 ba
that will not have natural gas until the repairs are tested. >> alex demetrick live for us tonight. mike hellgren has a closer look on the impact of people who live and work in that area. >> reporter: it was quite a scare and a remarkably large evacuation when you consider that more than 1,000 people work here at under armour headquarters alone. sky high chopper 13 was over it all as it unfolded. >> reporter: hundreds of businesses were kept out of their homes and businesses for hour. that included the evacuation of the under armour plant. >> it smelled like a gas leak. you could taste it in the air. so it was pretty bad. >> i heard about the gas leak and i rushed home because i was like freaking out. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say not only was the smell intense but also the sounds of the leak. >> it sounded like water actually if you know when you turn your bathtub on it sounded like whoosh, a really loud whooshing noise. you could heard it for several minutes and then it stopped. >> reporter: residents were told they could not turn their appliances or cars on. >> there were people walking down the r
. people have used extension cords to charge their phones to keep in touch with loved ones. >> we still need some time. but it's legal for me because i don't have any other choice. >> reporter: the main choice now is getting the electricity back on and getting back to normal. there are 33 nurses homes across the state with no power. many are running on generators but four do not have air- conditioning and it is a very hot day. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. let's take a look at the latest numbers from bge. baltimore county has it the worse with 69,000 customers out. baltimore city and anne arundel county also hit very hard, a total of 213,000 customers are without electricity across maryland. the storm damage reaches far beyond power outages. rochelle richie and adam may are tracking the progress. >> reporter: we're right off of bologna avenue, let me show you the huge mess they're dealing with here. all these power lines dripping down into the road. that has caused crews to shut down the tree for now. there's a large tree blocking the roads. even some of the si
time for our family. but we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us, safe and healthle. -- healthy. police say tips are coming in about the man wotook their mom. >> he was last seen wearing a camo shirt, white pants and armed. we believe he is very dangerous. >> i'm very, very distraught about this. i hope they get that guy. i think he has another agenda. >> reporter: the 74-year-old was checked out by paramedics. with no major injuries, she is now resting with family. >> she's shook up now, of course. i don't think it's really hit her yet. like probably maybe a little later. >> reporter: but the looming question tonight, was she taken because of who she was? police cannot say at this point. they are telling us that there were no ransom demands for money. also, they have asked to the 911 calls not be released. and they are not saying whether anyone used her atm or credit cards. reporting live in aberdeen, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> it is still an active investigation, mike. thank you. complete coverage continues live with jessica kartalija. and a look at vi
on the tragedy in aurora. 71 people were shot, the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. 12 people confirmed dead. 58 others hurt. james holmes was arrested without incident in the parking lot of the movie theater. his motive at this time is unclear. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the movie theater massacre. stay tuned tonight at 8:00 with special edition of 48 hours. scott pelley will be in aurora. >>> a man on a wrongful death lawsuit suspended. denise in the newsroom. >> the lawyers filed to stay the lawsuit until the criminal case against him ends. the hearing is for late august just before his sentencing for second-degree murder. he was convicted of killing love in may of 2010. she filed the civil lawsuit in april and against the commonwealth of virginia and u.v.a. athletic department claiming the coaches ignored the erratic behavior >> coroner confirmed died of blunt force trauma. >>> let's take a live look outside. rain clouds are moving as you in the video. mike hellgren with the latest. let's go first to bob turk who is tracking more on radar. bob? >> right now, some light r
. >> you can actually walk down the street and breathe. >> reporter: the last part, buckling part of u.s. 50 and train tracks. but with the cool front came storms that knocked out another 15,000 bge customers. >> heard that big bang. wife fell down. >> utility crews restored most wires. they have to issue a full report. that commission will likely hold hearings on the utilities' overall response. maryland health officials are also evaluating how well they handle the heat wave. >> remember, we're looking at now an unusual situation, where we've had bad storms, power outages, plus heat. >> we'll be looking at that internally. we'll be looking at that across the state to see whether or not the response was appropriate, whether or not the messages were targeted at the right groups. whether things could be done better next time. >> reporter: and that part that buck buckled, working there to fix it overnight. the state highway department estimates that temperatures on that pavement were more than 130 degrees. and that's just what caused it to crack. reporting live in north baltimore, mike hell
of them have weakened hopefully. by the time they get to us, they will continue to weaken. but there's a potential for strong, gusty winds in any of these storms. and there's been hail reported in portions of ohio and west virginia. hopefully, won't have to deal with that. but i think we do have at least a chance of scattered thunderstorm activity tonight and again probably during the morning and even afternoon on july 4th as well. so the risk of some of these storms being locally strong to severe is certainly there with the heat that we have. take a look at temperatures now. luckily, today was still rather dry. 95. but the dew points only at 58. we're not really looking at a heat index. in fact, 95 degrees. only feels like 94. doesn't go up because the air is so dry. only 90 in ocean city. and 82 out in oakland. bernadette has a look at this. how long we've seen these temperatures. bernadette? >> only. that's the thing. we're not breaking record-only temperatures. but it's the consistency and how long this heat is going to last. take a look at this graphic here. we've had 17 days so
without incident. the individual surrendered to us. we took him based on the petition for medical treatment to anne arundel county medical center. >> they evacuated his building as a precaution and told wjz they found no hit list or detailed plan. >> what we believe was a significant threat has been averted. >> reporter: prescott was a subcontractor at pitney bowes. they say he hadn't been on their property for four months, he was a subcontractor and was about to be fired. and they say that was the motive. >> police say he did not have a concealed carry permit. they're not aware of any previous mental health problems, regarding this man. reporting live in crofton, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. and pitney bowes said it followed a clear security protocol when it had concerns about prescott. once again, charges are still pending in this case. >> people who live in prescott's close-knit community say they are shocked to learn of the accusations against him tonight. our complete coverage continues live in crofton. jessica kartalija spent the day gathering reac
agreement with prosecutors. vic is in the newsroom with details on this for us. vic? >> reporter: mary, a massachusetts man will plead guilty plead guilty to charges targeting the pentagon and capitol building. resjuan fertes plotted to fly remote controlled planes into the building with explosives. he agreed to plea guilty for a lesser sentence. he was arrested in september by undercover fbi averages -- agents, posing. they say the public was never in danger. >> they must give final approval at a hearing later this month. >>> three men accused in the high-profile killing of an innocent teenager faces a judge. mike hellgren was in court for the plea. >> reporter: kai, they said they were not guilty but little else. they will now face a trial by jury and will decide their fate, which could be life in prison. >> reporter: . >> reporter: these three young men, antoine mosely, derek brown, pleaded not guilty to gunning down an innocent 12- year-old. and those who showed up in court to support them had little to say as emotions ran high. >> i said kiss my [ bleep ]. don't be quoting me. >>
allegations boss misused his security detail. made his boss empty his catheter bag. and illy used -- illegally used the database to dig up dirt on his political opponents. >> you hear people talking. and it's never been this bad. and i think chief tear stepping aside will start to repair some of that damage. >> reporter: chief tear was never indicted but was the subject of a criminal investigation by the state prosecutor, who announced he was ending that probe. it was important to resolve this matter without any further disruption to the effective police department. our officer believes that this is in the best interest of the citizens. many believe it's likely part of a deal. and the chief will testify against leopold at trial. >> i believe that the chief turned state's evidence. and i think that's going to make things very, very difficult for the county executive. >> if the chief was acting as the county executive's direction, then that's where the buck stops. and that's who should be held accountable. >> he thanked the chief for his service and said the reason chief tear was stepping down w
in the bush river were trying to stay cool by jumping in the river, that swim turned deadly. crews using sonar and dogs searched the river looking for 35-year-old hanavar who slipped under the water. he was with 34-year-old sunny sing at the tail end of a hot day. >> two guys were out on a boat, they decided to cool off. they jumped overboard. one of them got away from the boat, the other tried to help him. >> he watched them then realized that the man was in distress and needed help. >> reporter: those calls for help brought two neighbors out in boats and they rescued the man still struggling to stay afloat. >> it was really hard to get the guy on the boat because he was just so panicky. >>> michelle's husband made the rescue and brought singh to his boat. >> a lot of people called him a hero but he says it felt empty because he was not able to save the other guy. >> he felt he was going to go under himself. and that's why he swam back to the boat. >> reporter: what began as a search and rescue sunday became a recovery effort today. >> it's not an exact science with the tide and the wind, we
of maryland. and the weekend is not going to give us a break from these dangerous conditions. wjz is live with extensive first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is live at the inner harbor, which is very hot. but first, bob turk shows us how high our temperatures are today. bob? >>> right now, the last report coming in, officially, 99 degrees. so far, that's been the high for today. 84,ation city. 86 in oakland. and some saw quite a bit of rain last night. they said in the upper 80s to low 90s because of that rain last night. but the 99 with dew point of 62, however, makes the 99 feel like 101 on your skin. 102 in cumberland, 91 in ocean city. d.c. feels like 99. now, because of the heat and humidity tomorrow worse than today. considerably worse than today. an excessive heat warning will go into effect tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. you can see, about three- quarters of the region. otherwise, we have heat advisories. and yes, excessive heat watches in effect for tomorrow. most everywhere tomorrow is going to be at least 10, maybe 12 to 15 degrees above average
for us to be over the design. basically from the roadways and collapse. >> reporter: the sink hole is just blocks from johns hopkins hospital. this busy part of monument street, between east bradford and east monson streets will be closed for several weeks. dpw brought in ground- penetrating radar, to cover other areas but found no problem. but still alarming that a 50- foot hole could open up in the middle of a street. >> i don't think our street should be caving in like that. it's crazy. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: it's expected to take nine days alone, to stabilize. hitting businesses hard. >> taking away their foot traffic. some shops are on temporary water lines. >> that would be frustrating. we need business right now. >> reporter: the sinkhole formed from a drainage culvert. and is another sign of baltimore's aging infrastructure, which has been cause for concern lately, after several large water main breaks, including one that has shut down light street in the heart of downtown for weeks. >> reporter: and the time line for fixing this problem is still
. prosecutors say she injected dozens of women with industrial- grade silicone. typically used for furniture polish. to enhance their buttocks. and made thousands doing it. >> i want some privacy with my family right now. >> reporter: talk a little bit about her comments to the judge and if she really get its that what she did was wrong. >> absolutely. i don't think there's any doubt in my mind that she understands what she did was wrong. >> reporter: but the defense hit a snag when her former lover told the judge the government tricked him into signing a plea deal, turning a simple sentencing hearing into an all-day affair. but prosecutors still had a powerful account from a dancer. the silicone entered her blood stream and sent her to the hospital. >> reporter: prosecutors say smedley use kept the silicone in a water drug and would use crazy glue to fill up the holes in the women's bodies so the silicone would not leak out. >> reporter: they targeted women who expected to come out looking like j-low, who instead were permanently disfigured. >> she had a lot of people, clients, wishing her
, that system moving across the city. may give us more showers and activity. brief, gusty winds. heavy downpours. for the entire state, as you can see, until 8:00, except for garrett county. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for 8:00 tonight. still a chance we may see more activity. most of it now, north of the city, across the frederick area. looks like after this goes through, things will begin to quiet down. in fact, bernadette has a look at the temperatures around the region. bernadette? >> reporter: that's right. we do have heat that these thunderstorms are fueling off. i want to show you temperatures around the state right now. not only are they up. but dew points are up this afternoon. that adds a lot of extra moisture this afternoon. in the area, not only the juice that gets stronger but also a lot more moisture for downpours and possibly localized flooding. however, after this front clears, we get a nice break in the action tomorrow. lower humidity. beautiful afternoon. but not that far away. just out to our west, there's another round of heat moving our way. we'll have all
. eastern shore counties. there you see them to the east of us. and southern jersey as well. under an excessive heat watch for tonight. and again, pretty much all day tomorrow and likely particularly saturday as we may get into a number of other locations. tim helgren with a look at how hot it has been. >> definitely, we are looking at this stretch condition. shows in the numbers. today, we have hit that high number. tomorrow, we expect much of the same forecast to hold true. could be a little warmer. looking at a forecast high of 103. with a heat index of 110. sunday will be the last day we hope of these 90-degree temperatures before we start to see a break. with temperatures getting close or a little below our normal high. as far as our daytime highs, these numbers could change here. at least the second one. we've had 19 days today. 90-degree days or plus in that range. and if we do, hit the 100- degree range for today, we'll know that here in the next few minutes, that will make the number of 100-degree plus days three for the year so far. and much of that has happened in the la
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22